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The MicLock is a product designed with a singular purpose: to protect and serve the Sennheiser MD 421 MKII microphone by securing it's unique (i.e., love it or hate it) clip in place so that the mic never falls off its stand—simple. It's a one-piece affair—a 2.25" plastic strip attached to a 1" diameter ring that slides over the socket end of the mic. A ridged protrusion on the strip slides into the groove just behind the infamous clip slot on the mic, clicks into place, and prevents the attached standard clip from accidentally coming loose and sending your precious microphone onto an unsuspecting tom head, or tumbling clumsily to the floor. The MicLock attaches with ease, and it doesn't limit or impede the Sennheiser clip functionality, access to the XLR socket, or tone knob access. Once in place, it does its job of preventing the mic from sliding off its clip so discreetly that you'll forget it's even there. One thing to note is that the current MicLock works only with the newer MD 412 MKII models. I have a vintage MD 421 U-4 with a longer end barrel and lower profile tone dial, and unfortunately the MicLock does not work in this case. The good news is that a new Legacy MicLock is in the final design stage, and this version will fit MD 421 models from 1960 to 1985. The MicLock is available in six colors—perfect for identifying multiple mics in session. Bottom line, if you own an MD 421 MKII, even if its clip has never given you any cause for concern, think of the MicLock as an insurance policy that ensures it never will.
—Paul Vnuk Jr.Editor of Recording Magazine
MicLock Sennheiser MD421 clip lock. This is an ingenious and very useful $25 accessory for anybody who owns Sennheiser MD-421 microphones and is perpetually frustrated at the poorly designed mic clip/mount design that results in the mic always falling off and needing to be duct taped to stay in place. MicLock is a small, molded piece of hi-density plastic that fits over the end of your 421 and once in place, stays with the mic and makes it impossible for the mic to separate from the clip/mount. You will want to buy one for every 421 you own. ($24.99 direct, themiclock.com) -JB John BaccigaluppiEditor of Tape Op Magazine Man! I wish I could have had these years ago! What a simple, and efficient way to keep my 421s from falling off their stands. Now, I can place them over toms, and in front of guitar speakers without worrying about them. Thanks so much for inventing this! Best Regards, Dave
—Dave PearlmanPearlman Microphones
Awesome idea! You should try to sell the idea to Sennheiser. They should include one of these with each mic.
Thanks to this mic adapter for the Sennheiser 421's I will be able to use them for a very long time. Thanks for saving my recordings!
—Burleigh Drummond, Original Drummer for Ambrosia
Michael! I picked them up from the post office yesterday and installed them on the mics! Very neat little contraptions!
—Fraser, Engineer of The Aviary Recording Studio
Great job Michael!! Wow creating a product to fix a problem that every engineer, producer, musician and artist has had at some point!! Well done!! I have a suggestion for selling this thing…take it or leave it. But I believe that what you are selling is insurance. Your lock insures that the mic won't fall off in the middle of the perfect take. Your music, your creativity, are safe! Engineers and musicians care about not dropping a mic. Studio owners know from experience that those mics can be dropped many times and still work. Artist and producers care most about the magical take that may get ruined if the mic falls off. You have created a beautiful product Michael! You have always amazed me with your talents!
Michael, "The Mic Lock” is an elegant and affordable solution to a problem that has frustrated engineers, producers and drummers for years. Thank you for making a product that solves the MD 421 mic clip problem!
—Tim RogersMulti, Instrumentalist and Composer
Hey Michael, Your clips arrived yesterday. My engineer was impressed 😉 Will put it to the test next week! Thanks,
—Fredrik Thomander
Hi Michael, here we go: "The MicLock" is a wonderful idea to solve an old problem with falling MD421-Mics. Easy to install and all engineers working at our place love it!" Rocco "The.Roc" Weise - Studiomanager and Audio Engineer at Hansa Studios - Berlin Feel free to correct my German English 🙂 All the best,
Hi Mike, Great idea for a crappy design on Sennheizer's part! I did not visit your site yet, but I will. I operate a recording school and believe the MD421 as one of the most versatile mikes used professionally. I have 6 MD 421's myself that I use to record drums and guitar with I'd like to "Lock Up”. I endorse their use on drums commercially as well as in my programs as they've become an important element of my "drum sound”. Too many times, it falls off of the holder. I'll look at your site and probably buy 1 at first to demo to my students. Hopefully I can generate a "buzz” and get some sales for you.
—Anthony Iannucci, Director of Unity Gain Recording Institute